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4 Key reasons why your company should adopt ISO 27001

ISO 27001 (formally identified as ISO/IEC 27001:2005) certifies that high-quality risk assessments have been carried out, formalising effective legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's security processes. A robust framework of policies and procedures which assess the reliability and security of systems and information, successful integration of ISO 27001 systems improve both employee and customer confidence and satisfaction.

Evaluating the implications and systematised controls conceptualised to limit any damage to an organisation if a digital threat was imposed, ISO 27001 also prioritises cybersecurity beyond firewalls and running effective anti-virus programmes.

Protect your data at all costs

If data has become the new gold, a business must take measures to protect these riches. Data breaches are becoming more common and the impact on brands can be hugely detrimental. ISO 27001 offers expert guidance on robust processes which will recognise potential attacks and vulnerabilities to enable managers to anticipate threats, thereby protecting assets. Value both your own and your client's personal information; Keeping these details confidential reflects respect and professionalism.

Make your business watertight

As cloud storage becomes more popular, businesses with inadequate security measures become easy targets for hackers. The most expensive breach in history occurred in 2011. Outcome-based marketers, Epsilon were the target of a hacking attack that resulted in an unprecedented breach of personal details, affecting millions of names and email addresses of Epsilon's clients, including Best Buy, JP Morgan Chase and Target. The damage caused by the hack resulted in costs of up to $4 billion. Many businesses cut corners by eliminating purchases they view as non-essential, including failing to implement ISO 27001. However, the collateral damage caused by a data breach would be enough to collapse most small to medium-sized companies.

Securing an ISO 27001 certificate does not have to be expensive, based on the input of the project team, which will invariably be re-assigned members of staff, the time spent on an audit need not be excessive. Cascading the essence. of information security, internally and externally, ISO 27001 is a global standard, agreed in line with international law, eliminating the financial impact of a hack.

Boost your credibility

Top performing businesses do not accept poor performance scores, nor do they invest in inadequate, or dysfunctional operational systems. There are numerous certifications internationally recognised as hallmarks of quality. ISO 27001 is the Michelin star of cybersecurity. Grouping your brand with the most protected companies certified online, many clients will specifically seek out ISO 27001 protected businesses, aware of the robust systems this security protocol establishes. Enhancing reputation, upgrading the quality of the professionals a company can recruit, ISO 27001 will give your brand an advantage over the less robustly protected competition. Staying at the cutting edge of online surveillance and protection, promoting high standards throughout all areas of your operations, ISO standards are progressive. Every time new landmark achievements are achieved in cybersecurity research, ISO 27001 will automatically update to encompass these new standards.

Improve your service

Choosing to implement ISO 27001 will certify your brand with security excellence. Evaluating security protocols and processes, committing to substantial improvements in security systems, association with ISO 27001 will educate your employees and consumers, elevating your brand to expert protection status; This in turn, promotes better customer satisfaction and in turn, customer retention and referral rates.


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